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Technology Timeline May 1, 2015

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This interactive timeline, from ITN Source uses film/video clips to highlight how science and technology have changed our lives over the past hundred years ago. As always, it’s worth watching clips through to check all content is suitable for your particular class.

DK Find Out! April 30, 2015

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DK Find Out! is a free online encyclopedia for children from publisher Dorling Kindersley. The clear, crisp style of presentation will be familiar to anyone who has read a DK book in the past. Primarily aimed at KS2 children, it also includes a teachers planning section which features a search-and-save tool.

Q-Files April 29, 2015

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Q-Files is a free-to-access, advert-free online encyclopaedia specially designed for children. It features illustrated information on a wide variety of topics and highlights material relevant to KS2 pupils on this page of the site.

The Dead Pixels June 30, 2014

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Teachers Anjum Razaq and Simon White have created their The Dead Pixels website to share their innovative ICT lessons and ideas. There is a range of lesson plans available and a blog showcasing their current practice, including examples of students’ work.

Dunkeswell War Stories September 6, 2013

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Dunkeswell War Stories is an interactive website developed in conjunction with staff and Key Stage 2 pupils at Broadhembury Primary School, close to Dunkeswell airfield in East Devon. Children can discover a collection of short films featuring twenty-six local people and four American veterans, combined with animation, photographs, music and 1940s-inspired artwork. There is a teacher’s area including printable resources and lesson plans for a six-week programme of learning about both film-making and the Second World War. It suggests how to knit the digital resource in with hands-on activities such as cooking on a ration.

The Jacobite Rebellions September 5, 2013

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Produced by Graham Gaw, a primary school teacher from Edinburgh, this interactive website will be of particular use in Scottish primary schools and can be explored using either PC/interactive whiteboard or iPads. The site features a timeline, detailed maps, a fun zone, information on key events & people and lots of other material connected to the topic of the Jacobite Rebellions.

Sealife Resources June 12, 2013

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The Sealife Birmingham website has lots of resources and worksheets linked to habitats, food chains, classification and life processes.

Free Tiiu Pix June 11, 2013

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The Free Tiiu Pix website has been put together by a retired teacher and contains a large collection of her own photographs that can be freely used in personal or non-commercial projects. There is also a gallery of ready-made powerpoint presentations.

Romans Revealed June 10, 2013

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Romans Revealed has been produced by the Department of Archaeology at the University of Reading, in collaboration with the Runnymede Trust (an educational race equality charity) and children’s author Caroline Lawrence (author of The Roman Mysteries). The website provides a teaching resource for children to learn about diversity in Roman Britain, and is particularly aimed at Key Stage 2. Children can learn about life in Roman Britain through four individuals, and can explore them either through ‘excavating’ their graves or following short stories written by Caroline Lawrence. Through videos, they can also hear from the research team, and learn about the work archaeologists do. A teaching resource pack and activity sheets can be downloaded from the website, and used in the class-room or for home learning.

Paperworks June 7, 2013

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The Confederation of Paper Industries have produced Paperworks, a resources site with teaching packs on the topic of paper linked to Art & Design for KS1 pupils and Science & Technology for KS2 pupils. Each pack consists of an online presentation, teaching notes and worksheets.