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Religious Artefacts November 21, 2007

Posted by Gareth in : Religious Education , trackback

The University of Strathclyde‘s website contains a great collection of photographs of artefacts for several different religions. Saves a lot of time searching the Web for images.

(Updated 4/9/15: Fixed the link a second time as the resources had moved again)


1. Judith Shone - November 21, 2007

Have had this site logged on to my own computer and found it a fantastic source of images, as well as information about hem, and even soeme stories to go with them. They are extremely useful for adding to worksheets, locating similarities and differences betweent he representations of Hindu gods and godesses.

Certainly worth a look to see how you could use them alonside ytour own available artefacts and also in relation fto your Re policy.

2. deb - September 11, 2008

this link no longer works.

3. Gareth - September 11, 2008

Hi Deb, Thanks for letting me know. I’ve just changed it to the new location.