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Sacred Texts November 1, 2007

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Although this site, from the British Library, has been designed to be used with Key Stage 3 students you could probably use many of the interactive stories with Key Stage 2 pupils. Just play through each one yourself first to check they are suitable for your class. There are two animations for each religion (Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism,  Sikhism and Hinduism) featuring stories including ‘David and Goliath’, ‘Rama and Sita’ and ‘Baby Isa Speaks’.

Bible Stuff for Kids September 26, 2007

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Paul Dallgas-Frey’s website contains versions of Bible stories, psalms and prayers rewritten especially for children. The stories work well as the basis for assemblies or daily worship in class.

Friends and Heroes September 13, 2007

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These lesson plans support the BBC TV show “Friends and Heroes”. It’s an animated adventure series for children featuring Bible Stories from both Old and New Testaments. It was shown earlier in the year on the CBBC digital channel but is currently being repeated on Tuesday mornings on BBC2. I’ve not seen the show yet but the supporting resources seem quite interesting.

BBC – Religions September 7, 2007

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This BBC site isn’t particularly that suitable for students but it is an absolutely essential resource for teachers. It contains extensive information on seventeen world religions, split up into easy to navigate sections. There’s also a really useful multifaith calendar which you can view by calendar month or by specific faith.

Online Advent Calendar September 7, 2007

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I mentioned this site in the blog last year but I thought it was worth flagging it up again as it’s almost December 1st once again. Woodlands Junior School‘s online advent calendar features lots of really interesting information about Christmas customs around the world. There’s links to loads of other useful seasonal resources on the page as well.

Christian Creation Story September 7, 2007

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This site has a nice animation which will be useful to those who are looking at the Old Testament in RE or studying creation stories in general.

REonline September 7, 2007

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KS1Teacher recommended this site during a discussion in the Primary Resources Forums recently. REonline features an extensive database of Internet resources that you can browse by theme or search by keyword. There’s also mini-sites on People of Faith and Places of Worship. Other content includes TV listings, a directory of essential RE contacts & information (such as details of your LEA’s RE advisor) and an RE self-evaluation kit.

Hinduism For Schools September 7, 2007

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This is a really nice collection of pages on Hinduism. The primary school section is very easy to read and contains clear information about all aspects of the religion. There’s also sections containing festival dates (for the next 4 years), Hindu prayers and a comprehensive glossary (with audio pronounciations). It’s brilliant for using in class and would also provide a quick introduction for teachers.

BritKid September 7, 2007

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The Britkid website is about race, racism and life as seen through the eyes of nine fictional children. Students can either choose to explore the site by following one of the children or by exploring the town of Britchester. The site covers PSHE, citizenship and religious education objectives. Some of the issues explored include understanding of different religions, racism in sport, prejudice, immigration and harassment. It’s an interesting site that may work best as a whole class focus where you can pick and choose the material on the site and carefully discuss some of the issues involved.

Spinnaker Trust September 7, 2007

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The Spinnaker Trust site has lots of free RE resources on Christianity. There’s three terms worth of assembly ideas, pages of information about different aspects of the Bible and a large selection of stories with a Christian message. Definitely one to dip into every now and then.