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Healthy Eating May 11, 2015

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There are a whole host of websites out there extolling the virtues of various foods and their health benefits as part of a balanced diet. You can create a balanced lesson by selectively picking and choosing ¬†material from a variety of them. ūüôā For salad, look at Salad Days. If you’re after cheese, there are resources from the aptly named British Cheese Board. Dairy in general? DairyCo For a healthy start to to day, look at Shake Up Your Wake Up. Fish? Fish is the Dish. Potatoes? Grow Your Own Potatoes.¬†Bread and other foods from grain? GrainChain

Or you could go to Food A Fact of Life which incorporates material from a lot of the organisations above!

Send My Friend May 8, 2015

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The Send My Friend website has teaching resources, learning activities & video clips for anyone looking to teach their class about the global campaign to ensure quality education for all children. The organisation runs an annual campaign and offers a free teaching pack for schools.

CuttingandSticking.co May 7, 2015

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Lucy Hall‘s cuttingandsticking.co blog features a collection of art & craft ideas for primary school children of all ages. Topics include art from around the world and the seasons as well as material focussing on specific artists and techniques.

Black Mountain Lime Industry Resources May 6, 2015

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These education resources, produced by the Dyfed Archaeological Trust are based around the Black Mountain lime quarries in the Brecon Beacons but could easily be adapted to use with a similar local area. The available units cover curriculum areas such as English, Science, History, Geography and Art.

Everyone Counts (Oxfam) May 5, 2015

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Oxfam Education have created this Maths resource for ages 8-12 that uses real-world data to compare the lives of children from across the globe. Covering topics such as as time and data handling, the resource explores how inequality affects the lives of children in different parts of the globe.

National Stem Centre May 4, 2015

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The National STEM Centre website has collections of activities, games and videos linked to both Primary Maths and Primary Science. Each area is split into topics which are further subdivided by age-group.

Technology Timeline May 1, 2015

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This interactive timeline, from ITN Source uses film/video clips to highlight how science and technology have changed our lives over the past hundred years ago. As always, it’s worth watching clips through to check all content is suitable for your particular class.

DK Find Out! April 30, 2015

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DK Find Out! is a free online encyclopedia for children from publisher Dorling Kindersley. The clear, crisp style of presentation will be familiar to anyone who has read a DK book in the past. Primarily aimed at KS2 children, it also includes a teachers planning section which features a search-and-save tool.

Q-Files April 29, 2015

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Q-Files is a free-to-access, advert-free online encyclopaedia specially designed for children. It features illustrated information on a wide variety of topics and highlights material relevant to KS2 pupils on this page of the site.

The Dead Pixels June 30, 2014

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Teachers Anjum Razaq and Simon White have created their The Dead Pixels website to share their innovative ICT lessons and ideas. There is a range of lesson plans available and a blog showcasing their current practice, including examples of students’ work.